Welcome to Freerange, professional recording studio located in Co. Down Northern Ireland. 

Our engineer has been working with music for the past 10 years or so.  The studio began back when computer recorded music was at it’s infancy using an Atari ST.  Working with old outboard samplers and synths (such as the famed Roland JV and akai s3000) and an ADAT tape recorder. 

As the technology became more advanced and the DAW came to be, the studio was upgraded to a PPC mac with cubase VST and made the transition to the digital audio workstation.  That was about 8 years ago.

Since then we have been learning all the intricacies of the recording process, from mic placement, frequencies, dynamics, mixing etc etc. 

We specialise in recording rock and metal but have also recorded everything from indie bands to singer songwriters and just about everything in between with great success.

the engineer